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Tips and Strategies To Make Sense of Legal Concepts in the Business World

Welcome to Legalese Decoded - Where Law meets Business.

This book aims to create awareness of legal issues that one may encounter in corporate business transactions.  Here, you will not see legalese, terms of art, or legal definitions but will find relevant legal concepts and best practices explained in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

You will find this particularly helpful if you need a better understanding of the GDPR, participate in negotiations, handle issues you encounter in the life-cycle of a contracting process starting from the bidding stage through termination of the contractual relationship, and better understand the risks and potential of new technologies in business.

Some parts of the book may relate to you more than the others. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

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"A useful guide covering important information and best practices to understand legal concepts in business"

- Manupatra - India's premier online legal research service for the legal community

Here is how readers describe the book on its Amazon home page:

A must read for all business professionals of today
Amazing book! Just perfect to understand legalities in today’s business world. A must read to understand complex legalities in simple words.

Simple understanding of key legal aspects in business On reading the preview of "Legalese Decoded", I could not resist ordering a printed copy. It's a must have on the desk / bookshelf of corporate executives, entrepreneurs and businesspersons dealing with contracts, agreements and SoW's day in day out. Legalese Decoded book is not just for reading once, but for constant reference. Congratulations to Adv. Kalpana for this great effort and dedication to the profession of law.

A must read for all Biz leaders

A very interesting read for all business leaders who are involved in negotiating deals or closing deals or would want to forge strategic alliances - whether you are a part of a startup or a leader in a large organization - This book is a must have in your library and of course a must read as well. Well written in simple English. 

 Keeping it simple

A well-written book breaking down complex issues into a simplified form. It takes a deep understanding of the subject to be able to simplify it as the author has done. Kudos to the author for an excellent book.

 A must read

It is a must-read for all those terrified by the word “LEGAL”. The book is well laid out to address most of the legal situations we encounter on a daily basis in our businesses. It explains them for an easy understanding by the layman.

Feedback about the Book

Book has been written in simplest way, to understand the complexity of legalities involved in Contracts.
Kudos to the Author Kalpana Muthireddi!!!

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Legalese Decoded

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