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Best Practices When Structuring Contracts


The question is not whether a well-drafted contract is crucial for a successful engagement. Rather, it is how do you draft a contract that maximizes business potential and minimizes legal risk? How do you draft terms that withstand the changing dynamics of your business and the industry? And finally, is there anything you can do to ensure that it survives the duration without breakdown or falling through midway?

Ineffective contract terms fail to achieve the desired objective. On the other hand, hard-fought terms may be rendered unenforceable by the courts as being too restrictive. So, how do you walk the fine line between getting vital terms into the contract and the risk of them becoming unenforceable? How do you ensure that your contract runs successfully through its full term?

You accomplish this by ensuring that you have a contract that anticipates and overcomes the challenges in the course of the execution of the project. This can be achieved largely by following certain best practices. This webinar will introduce you to some of those practices using which you can bring a major difference in how your contracts are structured and executed, helping you realize the full potential of your contracts.

This webinar discusses best practices in structuring and reviewing contracts, and will help you to:

Ø Identify practices and strategies that make for congruent and effective


Ø Avoid common mistakes that occur in drafting contracts

Ø Adopt practices that will help you draft contracts that will last the duration of the contract term

This is for you if you:

Ø Work with contracts regularly and want to create drafts that are effectual.

Ø Are not a lawyer, but encounter contracts in the course of your work and wish for a better understanding.

Ø Are new to the world of contracts and wish to know the practical aspects of drafting an IT contract.

Ø Wish to maximize the business potential and minimize the legal risk of your contracts.

Ø Are a law student, wishing to understand the practical aspects of contract creation.

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